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Simplicity, poetry, elegance and a touch of madness

Passionate, I always had a little voice that reminded me that this was my way ...

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Having always had a fascination with jewels and fine stones, it was when I discovered the existence of a goldsmith and jeweler among my ancestors on the side of my grandpa LUCE , that I decided to embark on this great adventure. by professionalizing myself and creating my ELLUCE jewelry brand.

I like the mix of materials, colors and styles to design a unique and personified piece of jewelry. I work with metal by combining traditional jewelry techniques and other techniques learned during my training which allow me infinite creativity. In my jewelry, I express the simplicity, authenticity and spontaneity of my character. I draw my inspiration from the nature that surrounds us, certain arts, or certain countries that I have crossed. My universe is discreet, luminous and refined, and sometimes colorful and full of energy; I put all my love into shaping them one by one ...

A piece of jewelry makes all the difference between a silhouette, a style, an outfit, a posture; it gives off a story, a personality, an energy, a state of mind of the moment. In my eyes, it is intimate and awakens all the senses ...

I hope to make you dream and see your eyes sparkle by detailing each of my jewels in the desire to find "YOUR"!

"The details make the difference, and this difference is not a detail". Leonardo DeVinci


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