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The size of a ring corresponds to the multiple of 10 of the size of the circumference of your finger in cm. In other words, the size of a ring is its circumference in millimeters. For example, if your finger circumference is 4.4 cm (or 44 millimeters), then the size of the ring is equal to 4.4 x 10, or 44 (inner circumference).

We offer three methods in order to know precisely your (or its) finger size.

Warning: it is important in the last two cases to compare a ring intended for the same finger and the same hand.


Method # 1: string or ribbon

Wrap a string or strip of paper around the finger.
Tighten as if it were the ring.
Mark where the string goes all the way around the finger.
Measure with a millimeter ruler.
The value obtained in millimeters is your finger size.
Between two measurements, always choose the larger one.

If you have a tape measure, take it as a benchmark. You will be able to read your height directly there!



Method n ° 2: the correspondence table

In order to know precisely your finger size.

Measure the diameter of your ring using a ruler and refer to the table below to find your finger size.



Method # 3: the printable ring sizer


  1. Print the ring sizer below making sure the printer is set to "100% scaling".

  2. Place your ring on the circle closest to the circumference of your ring.

  • If you can no longer see the ring sizer, you should look for a smaller ring.

  • If the ring sizer is smaller than your ring, you should look for a larger size.

  • If the ring sizer matches your ring perfectly, you have found your size!


  • We must still see the line of the ring sizer.

  • If you hesitate between two sizes, do not hesitate to take a larger size because the fingers tend to swell at the end of the day and when it is hot.


If you can't use any of these methods your local jeweler has all the tools you need to tell you your finger size or that of the person to whom you wish to give a ring (and from whom you have previously borrowed a ring. !).

  • The ring sizer

Made up of a set of rings of different sizes, the ring sizer is the most precise tool to find your exact size. This is because you try on the rings as if they were rings. Then look at the size written on the ring that fits you.

  • The triboulet

This oddly named tool is used to measure the size of a ring. Here, we will start from the ring to find the size. Slide the ring whose size you want to know along the taper of the triboulet. When the ring cannot go any further, simply read the measurement on the triboulet at the level where the ring is blocked to know the size.


As an indication you will find below how to measure the size of your wrist, useful for certain choice of bracelet.


STEP 1: Measure your wrist size

Use a tape measure

STEP 2: Choose the size of your bracelet










































For your culture!; O)

The choker necklace
From 30 to 33cm
As its name suggests, the choker necklace is worn at the base of the neck. It can be embellished with a discreet pendant, small in size, and is usually worn with a round or boat neck.
It also allows you to highlight your bust with a strapless dress.

The choker
From 35 to 41cm
Often assimilated to the Choker necklace, the Choker is slightly longer and can be embellished with a slightly more imposing pendant.
It goes very well with any kind of collar and elegantly dresses the neck.

The princess necklace
From 43 to 46cm
The princess necklace is the most generic and common size in jewelry. This model arrives just below the collarbone, and is a pleasant jewel to wear on a daily basis.
It can be embellished with a pendant and goes perfectly with most outfits.

The “morning” necklace
From 51 to 61cm
The matinee necklace is generally worn at chest height. It is an ideal necklace to go to work since it brings a touch of sophistication to your outfits.
It adapts perfectly to a pantsuit outfit or even a dress.

The opera necklace or long necklace
From 71 to 92cm
This type of necklace was put forward by Coco Chanel, who adored it and wore it wonderfully!
It can dress up a chic and festive outfit as well as a more formal outfit.


The long necklace or rope necklace
1 meter and more
The long necklace is an essential symbol of the 1920s. It can be worn in its entire length as well as in several turns for a “cascade” effect.
It adapts perfectly to round faces and luscious morphologies.

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